Your own custom jewellery

So, you are looking for a piece of jewellery and haven’t found it anywhere?

We will collaborate with you to design it as you imagined.

Creating your own design is often a personal or emotional experience. We listen and collect all your thoughts to develop your custom design. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

We will then make your piece from start to finish in our own workshop, using our decades of experience. You can take comfort in the fact that, what we created together with you, is the only one in the world.

Would you like a collaboration with us to create something of lasting quality? Let’s make an appointment now.

Repairs and alterations to your jewellery

We know that your jewellery is very special to you. If you wear it often, it will show signs of wear. After a while chains might break, stones could come loose and many other forms of damage may occur.

We offer a repair service to bring your jewellery back to an almost-new state. Bring your jewellery to us for a free assessment on the repair possibilities and a free quotation on the cost.

You may also bring your jewellery to us so that we can inspect it for signs of wear, while you wait. We might even do a free polishing of your jewellery while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Our pricing is fair and you will be informed of the costs before we start the repair.

We do alterations to existing jewellery. For example, incorporating inherited jewellery into a beautiful modern design or turning an old brooch into a pendant.

An entirely new piece can be made by melting down your old jewellery and using the metal to create something new.

Call to hear if we are in. Our phone number is here.

Kids jewellery

It is always nice to give your child that unique gift. Something that is both valuable and meaningful.

We make jewellery that is specifically for children, in small sizes. Keeping in mind that play time is the most important part of their day, we can ensure that the jewellery is sturdy enough to withstand a bump or two.

Some ideas might be a pendant set with her birthstone, or a signet ring with his initials.

If you have a favorite drawing of hers, we might be able to design a fun jewellery piece incorporating the drawing in some way.

For any of your own ideas, no matter how unconventional or crazy, contact us to see how we can make it happen.

Memorial jewellery

Fingerprint jewellery.

Ash jewellery.

Lock of hair in jewellery.

Small photo in jewellery.

A piece of fabric from a favorite shirt.

Engraving from handwriting.